We're Hirsh and Jonathan, two friends who met at University. In 2021, while studying Medicine and Hebrew, we got on a Zoom call to catch up during one of the UK's Covid lockdowns. We realized we were both unhappy with the spaced repetition apps we were using (Anki, Quizlet, among many others), so we decided to build a better alternative. That's how we came up with Studius.

Since then, many people around the world have been using Studius to study Spanish, German, French, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Physics, Medicine, Arabic, Engineering, and many other things.

Studius is proudly self-funded and built in our free time. We've learned how to build software at some of the world's largest tech companies and want to use our skills to make studying more fun.

Thanks for checking out Studius – we hope you find it useful!

Hirsh & Jonathan

Email us: team[at]studius.ai

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