Hirsh AgarwalApril 13th, 2023

Why Studius Lets You Keep Studying Forever (and why you probably shouldn’t do it)

We recently added a feature that resets your Spaced Repetition data for your deck. This was often requested, as users commonly reach the end of their deck while studying and are confused as to why they cannot continue studying right away. We've added a change to let you keep studying immediately, but I first want to discuss some reasons why this might not be the best idea.

Generally, we suggest resetting your spaced repetition data (to keep studying immediately) only when you are in a huge rush and need to get information into your short-term memory quickly (e.g. you have a quiz tomorrow).

Disadvantages to Continuing Studying

Continuing to study immediately instead of taking a break can create a focus on moving information into short term memory rather than creating a strong foundation for long term memory. When your goal is to quickly move information into short term memory, you may find yourself trying to cram in as much information as possible in the short amount of time, instead of taking the time to truly understand it and internalize the material. It can also predispose you to letting your brain answer questions based on pattern recognition, where rather than truly remembering the information, you’re just remembering how to answer each question. Taking a break between studying sessions can help you to create a stronger foundation for long term memory and understanding, and will be more beneficial than trying to cram in as much information as possible.

Taking a break between studying sessions can help you to stay fresh, focused, and energized. When your brain is overworked, it can become fatigued and unable to retain information as well. Taking a break can help to reset your brain and prevent it from becoming too overwhelmed. Additionally, it can help you to focus better when you return to studying, and can help you to better internalize and understand the material. Allowing yourself time to rest can help you to stay in the right mental state to learn, and can help you to achieve better results.

How you can keep studying using Studius

If you’ve decided that you want to keep studying all you need to do is go to your deck, click “More” and press “Reset”. Your cards will now be available to study again immediately!

How to reset your spaced repetition data
Click this to reset spaced repetition data and keep studying immediately

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