Studius TeamOctober 1st, 2022


This table shows statuses for in-progress and planned features/bug fixes we're currently working on.

Status Feature Labels ETA
📆 Studius Resources Planned 03/01/2023
👨‍💻 Referral System In Progress 15/02/2023
👨‍💻 Performance Improvements Shipped 30/12/2022
🚀 Multiple Choice Questions Shipped 15/10/2022
🚀 Collections to order decks Shipped 2/10/2022
🚀 Image Occlusion Copy/Paste Shipped 20/9/2022
🚀 Reset Spaced Repetition Shipped 18/9/2022


Referral System

We know that students might not be able to afford Studius Premium. Although we've tried to make all of the most important features free we wanted to make premium features even more accessible. We're working on a referral system to reward users for sharing Studius with their friends!

December 2022: Performance Improvements

Historically Studius has had some trouble loading large decks (>100 cards) smoothly. We've been working on performance improvements to help make this blazing fast no matter how large your deck is! Studius should now be able to smoothly handle decks with hundreds of cards.

October 15th, 2022: Test Mode Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are now available in Test mode! Every time you create a test you'll be able to choose to have multiple choice options generated for each card. As long as your deck is large enough we'll generate multiple choice questions to help you learn content before you're familiar enough to use other study types. We hope this feature can help people get started learning more quickly. If you're interested in getting started with multiple choice questions consider a Studius Premium Subscription!

October 2nd, 2022: Collections

We're really excited about bringing out a way for you to organize all of your Studius decks. We've added a feature that allows you to organize all of your decks into collections. Each collection can contain many decks, and one deck can be in many collections. We're hoping that the flexibility of this system will make it easy to keep all of your decks organized as you keep learning with Studius.

Sep 18th, 2022: Reset spaced repetition

Due to popular demand we added a button in each deck that lets you reset the spaced repetition data. You can keep studying each deck for as long as you want at one time by resetting the spaced repetition data.

Sep 16th, 2022: Improve text matching

When studying using input cards we try to automatically figure out whether the input you typed is close enough to the answer to be automatically marked as correct. We made some changes to the way this logic works so that it now ignores case and accent marks.

Sep 9th, 2022: Image Occlusion Copy/Paste

A small feature to make image occlusion easier to use. You can now paste images from your clipboard or drag images to an image occlusion card.

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